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Brainerd, MN

Replacing an old cabin with all the limitations it posed, this new home is designed to fully take advantage of what this beautiful site had to offer. The welcome sense of arrival is experienced right away with the wrap around front porch. Inviting one into this open warm and bright home through its floor plan concept and orientation of spaces and their layout provide visual access from all the main rooms and captures the lake view.

Careful siting of the home and its placement created the opportunity to take advantage of the site’ slope to present a new lower level walk-out area, originally missing in the old cabin, in addition to correct the grading and drainage concerns previously experienced. The compact, yet efficient use of space was balanced by vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows. The large picture windows connect the interior spaces to the outside, while the awning windows above them allow for natural ventilation. The screen porch was a natural extension of the living space with its stone fireplace and hearth, connecting ever closer to the outside.

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