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For over thirty years, we have been serving communities by helping homeowners and collaborating with homebuilders and developers, designing new homes and remodeling hundreds of residential projects of various styles and scales. 

Our work is aimed at providing uniquely distinctive, thoughtfully creative and sustainable designs, sensitive to any lifestyle or budget. We thrive to responds to challenges of today’s living and marketplace and take advantage of the opportunities to create the highest outcome for all involved while responding to the ideals of harmony between buildings and the environment.

The balance between beauty and function and sensitivity to integration of building to the site and its surrounding environment is the corner stone of our design approach.

The commitment to that ideal is the main driving force behind our work as residential design specialists and home remodeling experts.

As such, designing homes of strong architectural integrity and character and helping folks make the most of their project’s potential, is our passion. The long list of satisfied clients is the testament to what sets us apart from others, as the premier residential architecture firm in the Twin Cities.

Photo of Hamid Kashani

Hamid is a licensed architect in state of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board; NCARB. He is also LEED certified by The U.S. Green Building Council; USGBC, reflecting his longstanding commitment to the environment and sustainable design.

Since early childhood in his native country of Iran, Hamid’s interest and talent in the artistic realm and his creative mind pulled him to discover the love for design and using his imagination to experiment and explore ideas. Whether making model homes from mud and sticks on summer vacations in the country, or creating complex abstract architectural models with wood blocks at home, to carpentry and technical drafting at high school, his love for design and creative sense clearly point the way towards architecture. By the time he finished secondary education, his determination in pursuit of architecture at the highest level, brought him to the United States where he studied under the great modernist architect, Ralph Rapson, at the University of Minnesota; School of Architecture, receiving two degrees; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, and Bachelor of Architecture Professional Degree. Prior to starting the firm he had practiced in a number of architectural firms of various size, disciplines, and building type specialties, in Denver, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

Photo of Hamid Kashani

Hamid M. Kashani - AIA



Hamid M. Kashani – AIA, is the founder of Habitat Architecture, who started the firm with the vision of introducing the value of good design, through service and dedication to educate the public of the value of an architect driven project in residential design.

His passion to help bring his client’s ideas and aspirations into reality, and his love for good design and architecture, has been the main driving force behind his career.

Although his education and early professional experience was primarily focused on large scale commercial building projects, his discovery of residential architecture and its very personal nature of working with people on the most intimate aspect of their lives, has greatly impacted the direction of his architectural practice.

Unlike larger firms, in working with Habitat Architecture you are assured that the work does not get handed down to a junior architect or a draftsman. As a hand on practitioner, Hamid’s personal touch and direct involvement throughout the design and construction process, brings you the highest level of confidence and the most satisfying and successful outcome.

Hamid speaking at Houzz event
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