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Second Floor


Second Floor Addition & Main Floor Redesign


Edina, MN

After living in this small one and a half story house for a few years, the owners of a traditional one and a half story home realized that they needed to make some improvements to the house, if they were going to stay in the neighborhood, which they really loved. There were a number of concerns with the home, besides the lack of space. For one, although the two car garage was very close to the house, there where no direct connection in between, lacking a point of transition, such as a Mud room. Another concern was the existing upper floor, which although finished, lacked the ceiling height and the basic comforts such as adequate source of heating and real usable space.

Initially the design called for a modest mudroom addition and a full second story. However, as the design process progressed forward the owners determined the new addition would also be needed on the main floor to include a larger dining area within their new and updated kitchen design. While this expansion created a more open and functioning kitchen, it also added to the overall budget. On the other hand it also provided additional space to the new second floor, allowing for a large loft area for use as a Den. So they decided to go ahead with the idea. Which turned out to be a very good investment. The new second floor was mainly designed to create the badly needed new Master Suite and the laundry room to boot.

The design considerations for the addition of the second floor was to create a new and fresh look to the exterior with combination of Saltbox architectural style and Mediterranean vernacular. The end result provided the distinctive appeal to the home it deserved, while maintaining the sense of scale and style of its surrounding environment and neighborhood. The warm and inviting interior spaces with airy, bright and open design transcend the old dark and dingy house to a inviting and lovely home beyond the homeowner's imaginations.  

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