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Kitchen Makeover


Kitchen Makeover & Complete Redesign


Bloomington, MN

New homeowners loved their new house. But they where not quite as excited about their kitchen! They liked to cook and bake at home and had remodeled the kitchen in their previous home for the same reason. Having gone through that experience, they knew they wanted a similar gourmet type kitchen appliances and design, they had come to love. 

After living there for a couple of years, they decided to finally do something about it. So they asked their architect Hamid Kashani – AIA, to help them figure out what to do and how to go about it. His creative ideas and identifying the potentials help them decided to go ahead and commit to a full makeover of their kitchen. Besides the type of appliances that they had set their hearts on, they needed a plan that could bring the entire space into a well functioning gourmet kitchen where a family of four could easily navigate without bumping into each other, be able to seat and entertain friends.

The general layout of the existing space with the given corner window sink and access from the mudroom area, provided the initial backdrop to the new design concept. From there one of the first challenges identified was the second access point along the same wall as the other, which interrupted the natural flow of the working space. The other less desirable issue was the stove top location on the center island. Something typically to be avoided as much as possible, for a number of reasons.

The new design concept then was formed around a large center island, taking advantage of the given ample space. Removing the built-in buffet, provided the extra space for that, as well as creating a better flow and visual connection to the family room. Perhaps the most important key to the success of the design was removing the second opening, which allowed for the uninterrupted flow of the work space, housing the new open buffet with the refrigerator on one side and the pantry flanking the other side. The full size professional chef range/oven was located at the backwall with its own clear and ample "cooking center" space, perfect for the gourmet cook. The new vented hood with direct path to the outside provided the needed level of ventilation for this pro cooking center. To complete this facelift, new wood beams on the ceiling was tastefully designed and installed, adding character and warmth to the space.

Looking through the photos here helps see this transformation from start, through the conceptual design process, 3-D design modeling and the final product.

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