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A New Cabin


Spring Lake, MN

An old cabin was in a desperate need of major renovation and updating. Besides a few basic concerns like a roof, siding/paint, windows, etc. the house was poorly designed and functionally inefficient.

The cabin originally built by a family member, represented much more than just brick and mortar. Besides the sentimental values, the house was grandfathered in to its location and its proximity to the lake with great views and access to the Lake.

The cabin however was determined not to be a good candidate for any meaningful remodeling or renovation. As we evaluated the structure, there were quite a number of factors observed that confirmed that conclusion. There were a number of issues and concerns of fundamental nature, most importantly the inefficient design layout and use of space, beside the overall need for complete renovation of exterior and remodeling of the interior spaces.

The new design program was to plan for a new cabin on top of the existing footprint, in order to maintain its original location. Any new structure would have to have moved away from the lake for at least 30 feet, diminishing the lake views.

The existing cabin also included certain feature, nook and crannies the owners liked to recapture. They told us about a corner of the porch that faced the lake, which was added on a later date, is their favorite spot to view the Lake and relax. This same exact spot was included in the new design called "The View Nook", with windows on two sides, to capture the west views afternoon sundown. We also suggested ideas like a sleeping Loft, as a bonus space for those occasions when they may have the extended family over. 

The design then was predicated on main floor living, with open floor plan and the spaces to be exposed to the expansive views from anywhere in the cabin. Along with the main living spaces the main floor included master suite, a laundry room, a guest bath and kitchen.

An exterior stair was planned to connect the main floor with the main patio below where they have always enjoyed for outdoor gatherings.

The basement walkout floor was designed to include two bedrooms, a family room with a bar, screen porch below the one above, lake access bathroom and plenty of storage. 

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