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7 Steps before renovating your home Part 7

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Important considerations before renovation of a home

"Work with Professionals"

In renovating a home, it’s critical to seek out the services of a competent and experienced architect to formulate your vision into a coherent plan of action.
Work with professionals

Step 7: " Work with Professionals"

At the end of the day and as you work through the previous steps we talked about renovating a home, it’s critical to seek out the services of a competent and experienced architect to formulate your vision into a coherent plan of action.

When it comes to your home and how it could work for you, your architect could provide you a unique perspective. One that is based on years of education, training and experience. As such, your architect is the one best equipped to help you through this complex and daunting process.

Working with an architect will provide you with the expertise and guidance during the decision making, planning and execution of your project. In all the steps and considerations we have talked about, services of knowledgeable and experienced architect are invaluable.

It’s helpful to remember most people have never had the experience of working with an architect or had ever been involved with a major construction project. That however should not prevent you from what could be the most critical decision moving forward.

Just like working with a professional accountant advising and preparing your taxes or an attorney helping you with your legal concerns, an architect is your advocate, helping you through this very complex and critical process of design planning and construction.

You need to clearly identify the potentials and pitfalls of your project. In doing so, no one is more qualified to provide that level of expertise and creativity to address your best interest.

That creativity could mean finding ways to get the most from your investment and may translate into the design solutions which could exceed the initial expectations and results in the highest outcome.

Working with professionals does not mean more money. It means doing the best with the same money. Consider design and working with an architect as the best investment in your project. A well designed project's return on investment and its value would easily surpass the total cost of the design and construction.

That said, the need to seek out professionals and their expertise, starts with a highly qualified architect, but does not end there.

When it comes to remodeling or any building project, the services of a reputable and competent building General Contractor (GC) is paramount to the success of you project.

Best designs and greatest architectural work will not succeed without a proper care and skillful execution.

You can consider the role of the general contractor as a critical team member, to oversee the day to day operations and progress, scheduling and coordination of construction and the work by his subcontractors.

He needs to organize and make sure each subcontractor’s performance is up to the industry standards and is done in a timely fashion in order to keep the process moving forward without delays or conflicts.

The general contractor is ultimately the one responsible for the performance, execution and successful results during the construction process and as such is the main source to resolve any concerns or issues which may need attention.

The clear communication and close collaboration between your architect and builder is the key to that success. It’s critical for the contractor to follow the plans as closely as possible, while provide feedback and recommendations to the architect on daily challenges and technical issues.

The role of the general contractor in the success of your project can’t be underestimated. In my experience as an architect, the quality of service and competence of the general contractor have a direct impact in success or failure of a project.

I know you may think working with professionals will add to the cost of your project, but one has to understand the value each one will bring to the table and possible savings in the long run.

In trying to save money and reduce costs, I have witnessed folks’ do it yourself attempt to undertake this role with various degree of disaster and failures. Like many things in life as they say “you get what you pay for” and the need to work with professionals ensures the best results and return on your investment.

Depending on your project’s scope and requirements you may also need to consider working with an interior designer. They can be instrumental with selection of finishing materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures and coordination with the architect and general contractor to ensure smooth and cohesive outcome.

The advice and working with a realtor is also may be required to help with some of these decisions.

To make the most of your experience it’s helpful to view these professionals as your team members, each assigned with a role and responsibilities, working harmoniously together as your advocates. It’s your role to be discerning in choosing the right candidates for the job and be able to trust and allow them to perform at their highest level.

In conclusion, when renovating a home, it’s a critical to consider working with professionals as an essential step to ensure success in your building project.

This is the final step in this series on important considerations renovating your home. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences as they relate to the subject.

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