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Mid-Century Modern Remodel, Second Floor Addition


Tyrol Hills

Golden Valley, MN



– 1959 built Mid-Century Modern in Tyrol Hills was in desperate need of update, and additional space for the homeowners.  The flat roof “International style” home, was originally designed by Kurt Green of Hammel – Green Architects.
– The home with tuck-under garage design and the main spaces of the home located above, lacked enough room for the growing need of the residing family.




– The hilly, narrow lot presented a challenge with regards to expansion at the main level.
– The narrow full flight of stair to this space, long narrow entry foyer and dark brick veneered interior of this space lacked a warm and inviting sense of entry.
– The large floor to ceiling expanse of glass caused a high level of solar gain and lack of adequate ventilation with mostly fixed glass windows and open two-story design contributed to overheating of the main floor spaces.
– The same issue with respect to floor to ceiling windows and large space covering the living room, dining room area, made the eight foot high ceiling out of proportion to the scale of this space.
– With the limited lot area, the owners initial idea of addition to the rear of the house seemed unrealistic.
– The exterior elements of the home: the wood framed windows, vertical redwood siding and continuous exposed flashing, were all in dire need of repair or replacement.
– Replacing the existing stair, covering the dark brick interior with drywall, and dividing the large out of proportion foyer into mudroom storage and a powder bath area, improved the general feel as well as the functionality of the entry.
– By raising the central portion of the living room/ dining room’s ceiling and the addition of remote, operable clerestory windows, the sense of proportion and balance was introduced to the room. As well as addressing the natural ventilation issues of the space, additional natural light was also brought in.
– Using the existing stair area to connect the main floor to the new second floor addition, none of the existing areas of the house had to be altered to accommodate such need. The new floor was added on top of the existing flat roof structure and provided the additional spaces required by the homeowner.
– A new master bedroom suite and a guest bedroom/ study as well as a lookout balcony area, were the main components of this new addition.
– Using the same opening module, the new metal clad windows with a new combination of squares and rectangles lent itself to the true architectural style of the era, as well as addressing the egress and ventilation concerns.