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An event center / restaurant with many years of memorable history had fallen into neglect and needed to be refurbished with a new vision and fresh approach, to revive and return to its glory days.

The refurbishment began by reconfiguration of the space into separate areas for reception, new dressing area, and a new deli. A new entry with glass wall was designed to separate the traffic flow to the outside serving area from the main reception hall. A new deli was designed along this path, filling the space of an old lounge area. Along with the DJ booth and a few other small spaces, a new serving bar with better access and expanded display replaced the old.

Perhaps the most important design improvement was implemented by removing the old tired fireplace at the back wall and replacing it with a new large picture window. While brightening the old space by bringing ample natural light in, this also introduced the beautiful outdoor spaces and the lake in the backdrop, to the reception area.

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